10X Marketing Growth Playbook Interview Series:

How Tommy Mello Grew A $30 Million Home Service Business

“I met a guy that does custom doors 2 weeks ago and I asked him what his best advertising source was?

He said, ‘have you ever heard of RSVP?’

I said, yes, I use them, he goes,

‘RSVP is my #1 advertising source.’

…People who say mailers aren’t working for them, are not doing them right.”

-Tommy Mello

Show Notes:

Favorite Books:

  • 2 second lean
  • E-myth
  • 7 power contractor

We have a 7:45am Morning Mojo

  • People do what you inspect not what you expect
  • I have 14 Virtual assistants
  • I have 5 people doing my digital marketing

 1. What’s the most common mistake made by service business owners?

    a) Have an org chart

    b) Time Management  

    c) Accountability

    d) Replacing activity with productivity

2.  What are your top Actionable tips that a business can do today?

    a) Know your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Better/Faster. Memorize it for sales

    b) Have a good CRM (service tight)

    c) People Process Product Marketing Systems

    d) Customer Surveys

    e) Borrow Money when you don’t need it

    f) Technicians not just sales people

    g) Operational

3.  In your Forbes article “Quality over Quantity” “You mentioned that you made counterintuitive decisions in your marketing campaigns by focusing on the more expensive leads… Your costs went up but your profit skyrocketed…explain what you mean exactly?


     a) Get in front of your perfect avatar

    b) Base buy PPC $2k-5k, spends six figures/month on google ppc

    c) Because we track our revenue per advertising source we found that we did 3x revenue with less leads

    d) Outbound calls, billboards, craigslist, yelp, radio, tv, mailers –

    e) A parts call is a lead turned to opportunity but a great call is ‘I can’t get out of my garage’.

    f) Pay for performance with a base buy $2,000-5,000 ppc is great

    g) Does his own PPC in house we get less leads than the paid agency but we did 3x revenue with our in house ppc management

    h) Home Depot leads suck. More profitable items

    i) What the customer is and what they’re looking for matters

    j) Look at what leads you’re getting. It’s scary when you measure it. “All leads are not created equal”

    k) We focused on the more profitable leads.

4.  What marketing channels do you use? Your entire marketing mix? What’s your secret sauce for generating quality leads?

    a) Ppc + local search + organic + google guarantee + Direct Mail

    b) His cost per lead went down 33% by getting google guaranteed

  5. How did you get 417 reviews with  a 4.7 avg? What’s the process?

    a) Uses social media email text message

    b) Give them a gift for taking a survey

    c) Has a guy that calls all the negative surveys

    d) Spread the word of the good stuff

    e) Handle the bad stuff

    f) Friends and family do jobs for them for reviews

    g) Voicing the good stuff, get in front of the bad stuff

    h) Give them surveys through their CRM

    i) You’re allowed to say “check us out on yelp”

6. If I asked you to put into a simple checklist, simple terms that listeners can put into action right now to dominate their local market, what would it be?

    a) Create an org chart

    b) A roll for each employee

    c) Add accountability

    d) A process for each role

    e) Walk in with a blindfold on and ask yourself do you see clean, organized, well run organization or do you see some messy confusions?

    f) Do SEO. build online credibility and reputation

    g) Go after good employees but post ads everywhere

    h) Get a line of credit before you need it because opportunity is going to arise and you can’t get the money when its time you need it so have it in your pocket. If someone wants to sell their company for 40 cents on the dollar it could be an amazing opportunity you’ll miss without the funds.

  7. How would you describe a perfect lead generation machine?

     a) Right now i have 2,000 call tracking phone numbers.

    b) Every single ad campaign has a separate tracking phone number

    c) Even my mailers, each zone has a different number

    d) I A/B test everything

     e) Remember co-op. 10-20% of your campaign is paid by a partner if you mention their product in your ad. So I’ll get 20% of the ad paid for by my manufactures if I mention their brand in the ad.

8. Do you use direct mail? Who do you target?

    a) Yes. I use RSVP Publications in all my areas and I target homeowners.

    b) I do garage doors so I look for homes that have multiple garage doors.

9. Do you combine direct mail with digital marketing?

    a) I use geofencing. It pushes an ad to people in an area. So I’ll geofence all my competition. If a customer walks into

    b) Pixeling retargeting on facebook and google

    c) If I send direct mail to a certain zip code I can target that zip code while they’re watching Hulu that night.

    d) Get your vehicles wrapped.

10. Do you combine direct mail with digital marketing?

    a) I use geofencing. It pushes an ad to people in an area. So I’ll geofence all my competition. If a customer walks into

    b) Pixeling retargeting on facebook and google

    c) If I send direct mail to a certain zip code I can target that zip code while they’re watching Hulu that night.

    d) Get your vehicles wrapped.

 11. What does your coaching program offer business owners?

    a) We do an 8 point key performance indicator rundown to find out where you need help

    b) Your average ticket

    c) How are you attracting A players

    d) Whats your booking rate? The best get 80-90%.

    e) If you don’t know, you’re booking 55% or less

    f) Whats your average conversion rates

    g) We give simple cheap tools

    h) These 8 KPI’s

    i) Accountability coach is important

    j) Whats the most important thing you need to do this week?

    h) We do a discovery call, 30 min free

 12. What’s working best right now? Changes that are happening? Pivots you’re making?

    a) Facebook is the number one data aggregator

    b) Build an environment of change.

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