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“We use RSVP in several markets with much success! We’ve
had consistent results using them over the past 5 years.”
Tyler Kirk, Owner, Labor Panes, Charlotte, NC
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RSVP Luxury Card Pack
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The RSVP Luxury Card Packs are mailed to only owner-occupied homes, a very specific audience made up of professionals, business owners, families & high-net-worth-individuals.
How did this company get 865 calls? 
•   Labor Panes used RSVP luxury card decks in a campaign to target the highest valued
in the Charlotte, NC metro region.

•  The postcard was sent to owner-occupied homes, a very specific audience made up of professionals, business owners, families and high-net-worth individuals

•  The RSVP-crafted design spoke clearly to this audience; response was overwhelming

•  The results: a steady stream of calls, from 865 high income homeowners.

How To Attract Your Ideal Customer
The Tried & Tested 60/30/10 rule: 
We call it the 60-30-10 rule. 
• 60% - Targeting 
• 30% - Incentive
• 10% - Image

Labor Panes targeted the top 24% income bracket of owner occupied homes. With extensive research, RSVP refines and cleans the list to be sure that there is no waste.  After that, we made sure that it was designed to target the woman of the home.  Because we know that she is the one making these decisions. 
direct mail marketing case study window cleaning
81% of Sales are Made on the 5th to 12th Contact
10x Consistency & Repetition to Boost Sales
Labor Panes mailed a total of 10 times to the same audience of targeted high end homes to get steady results. Most amateur marketers make the mistake of mailing only one time and deciding that it doesn't work.

That is the equivalent of trying to shoot hoops on a basketball court once and deciding that the ball doesn't work when you don't sink with nothing but net. The same rule that applies in any sales or marketing campaign, applies to your direct mail campaign.  
direct mail marketing case study window cleaning
Be clear in your headline. Make the offer as irresistible as possible. Choose an image that stops the woman of the home and draws her attention to the card. 
Incentive: Make an Offer They Can't Refuse
Not only does their offer make it very clear that she can get her windows cleaned, but while they're there, the entire exterior can get a once over, gutters, exterior pressure washing and windows for a rock bottom price with URGENCY. The expiration date adds a sense of urgency. This is the type of card that is likely to be placed on the fridge as a reminder to call by the end of the month. 
Advertising can get anyone to call you, but 
RSVP’s targeted homes bring you the right buyer:
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RSVP cards continue to work, as calls continue weeks after a mailing.
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