“High Value Case Acceptance From High-Income Families”


“High Value Case Acceptance From High-Income Families”

Every RSVP Dental Patient Is:

Household Income: Top 20%

Wealthy Families, Baby Boomers & Gen Xers

Home Values: Top 20%

What if your dental patients were the BIGGEST spenders in your area?

How would that affect your bottom line?

See Why Hundreds of Dentists Trust RSVP

Brian Nilges Dental Got 

124 Calls


(4 RSVP mailings reaching 25,000 high-income families per mailing)

“RSVP has produced quite a valuable return for my business – I was blown away by the results!”


Brian Nilges, D.D.S.
Redding, CA 

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RSVP Consumers are high-net-worth families that are health and image conscious.  They’re Baby Boomers and GenExers (age 35-64) and they undergo cosmetic procedures more often.

Wood Creek Dental Got

22 Calls

Dental marketing postcard

With RSVP, Wood Creek Dental earned a 4x return on investment.


“RSVP has been an effective medium for us. This year  our investment in RSVP has been returned four times. 

“We continue to get calls months later.”


Janet Williams, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Wood Creek Dental
Greenville, SC

(across 3 RSVP mailings to 50,000 high-end families)

Proof That It Works

Dr. Krawczyk

193 Calls

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(8 RSVP mailing to 40,000 high-end homes per mailing)
Bonham Dental Arts

133 Calls

dental marketing postcard
(8 RSVP mailings to 40,000 high-end homes per mailing)
Aesthetic Family Dentistry

23 Calls

dental marketing postcard examples
(1 RSVP mailing reaching 40,000 high-end homes)

Dental Clientele Need An Upgrade?


RSVP makes your most profitable patients your new normal.

  • RSVP Dental Patients Spend 3.2x more
  • Household Income: Top 20%
  • RSVP Homeowners Spend More On Health
  • Once Mailed You Can Retarget Online:
  • Pinpoint Precise Device ID, IP Address, Geo-Fencing, Email, Search, Social
  • Check Your Territory For Availability Below… 

RSVP In Forbes:

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About the Product

RSVP is a high-impact cooperative mailer that enables you to reach top earners, resulting in quality calls, web traffic and walk-ins from the top 20% home values in your area.

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