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Facebook Marketing Services In Tampa (and Elsewhere) Generally Just Post Content On Your Page…Lame…You Want To Focus On Direct Response Lead Generation (Getting Customers To Come To You). We Cracked The Code To Getting Local Businesses Direct Response Leads From Facebook Daily!  Let’s Dig Into How…

What’s up! I’m Jason Tropf, Let me explain why you’ve found the best Facebook marketing service in Tampa, FL. I’ve been in the lead generation business since I was 6 years old (no joke!).  Actually it was my dad that brought me into it so I had no choice.  Regardless, I sorted ads by highest response rates since childhood and now I’ve realized that it created a skillset and I’ve taken that skillset to Facebook – I cracked the code to getting Facebook leads on first contact to call, walk in or visit local businesses predictably on repeat.  Now, I believe we have the #1 Facebook marketing service in Tampa, FL. Big words? yep, but let me tell you how I know this… read on…

Why does this work better than what everyone else is doing?

Because I combined a few strategies that just so happened to light my phone up with customers way better than waiting for them to find me in search engines. This got me super intrigued.

Most of what you’ll find in other Facebook marketing service in Tampa is generic Facebook ad management: faceless, “content” posted to your Facebook page that no one engages with. 

How Do We Get Massive Attention With Facebook Marketing?

There are 4 elements In Every Advertising Campaign We Create For Clients :

Here are the 4 key skillsets required to get real results:


  1. Entertain

  2. Inform

  3. Educate


Execute…let’s talk about execution. This is a big one. 

In order to really capture a lead they must execute an action that you called them to do that drives them into your place of business.  

 In fact, one tell-tale sign of whether facebook ad management companies are good at actually creating results is to look at their own facebook wall.  If there’s no engagement, chances are, they don’t know how to get you any engagement either. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be getting it for themselves?   

What you’ll find in an average Facebook marketing service in Tampa, is ad marketing service pages are Generic, faceless, lazy “content” posted to your Facebook pages wall just to fill it up with content that no one looks at unless they already know you. 

Not only does this get 100’s of real leads but it boosts residual lead gen by up to 40%

with off-Facebook text, email, and Google retargeting.  See section below called:
“The Winning Formula”…

People generally don’t know that Facebook is a massive media channel, like ABC, NBC, MTV except the rules are drastically different.  It’s all about super specific, those old school medias are all about broad and general messaging.

Most Facebook marketing services in Tampa, and other locations for that matter, offer packages that range from over priced link posts from other news sources that don’t drive you any customers to full out marketing campaigns.   Most people who offer it, don’t know how to actually generate leads…they call it a skillset to make a post on facebook. Sure, but your toddler has that skillset.  

Logging in to Facebook ads manager normally overwhelms people that didn’t plan on adding an entire software management to their repertoire and it’s actually a rather hefty program to take lightly. It’s too easy to dump money into it and too hard to get real customers that spend money with you out of it.  It takes a ton of time to create a campaign alone, and that’s usually not enough.  So you just boost your posts and throw money at it without results, so you quite! 

Then somewhere down the line, you try again, only this time you decide to hire someone. All that person does is just post a regular schedule of generic stock images that link back to other websites, and occasionally your website, and target a general audience near you and pump your money into the deep space of “no results universe”.  Sure that works sometimes in a rare case but I’m showing you how we get results like a recent client who saw 103 real customer acquisition leads with phone numbers, email, first last name texting him within 18 days… Facebook hates anything that that doesn’t make their users want to stay on the platform and engage with the content and the sort of ad that makes you want to skip past it, is exactly the type of content Facebook hates! So don’t do it!

This usually ends in you thinking Facebook ads just don’t work very well… that’s where you’re wrong… and this is precisely why I believe we are
The Best Facebook Marketing Service In Tampa, FL.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to create something that actually generates engagement, and what if you have a boring service like air conditioning repair service? Well, that’s exactly what we do very well…

…You want to create a Facebook marketing machine that predictably sends real ideal customers right to your phone, text message, email, and physical location, at scale!   

First, use video.  Not just any video.  A video that entertains and educates a perfect customer in a way that gets them to consider the value in what you offer. 

Whether your a local home service business (70% of our clientele) or a spa, restaurant, dentist, cosmetic surgeon and dozens of other types of businesses, what we’re going to tell you here WORKS!  PERIOD. 

What we do here is grow your business with Direct Response Lead Generation and we’ve been doing it predictably for years. Period.  You’re in the right place… this is different… This shows you how we do it.

Out of all the digital marketing services that I’ve done for clients over the years, my Facebook marketing service in Tampa, is a blended formula that integrates 4 pieces of software and it’s one of the best performing campaigns I run right now. in a very robust way, we are able to take a brand new local service businesses and launch them into 100’s of new customers right out of the gate from having no reputation…Sound too good to be true? Keep reading…

This is an example of one of our facebook ad campaigns
for a local HVAC air conditioning repair company…

Facebook Marketing Service Tampa, FL

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“If you don’t capture the right attention, you lose.”

If you watched the video above, you notice that there are elements that are not included in Facebook’s marketing platform.  That is because it is very hard to get real direct response phone calls from facebook.  Specifically, texting to your phone, the customers phone, sending the customer email follow up sequences and sending the lead to the business owners email and even populating the business owners CRM.

That’s because we pieced together quite a bit of software to work out how to avoid our clients from just spending money on ads that never turn into real customers. That’s right, even if you spend a bunch of time really engaging people to interact with you on facebook, and even opt in for your offer, you’ll discover that many of them don’t ever redeem the offer!

“If all you do is capture attention, you lose.”

The trick is to jump on it while they’re still warmed up to the idea of the offer you made them.  Because after just a few minutes something else has their attention.  And even if you don’t get them at that moment, if they ever expressed interest then something in them is attracted to what you have to offer so following up with them by email, text and sometimes phone is the difference between real results and real bad results. 

“The skillset is: engage, capture and convert clicks into customers.”


Take a look at the image below.  Notice that our “ad” actually is a genuine article of interest that creates engagement.  People that we chose to target, in this case high income homeowners, are tagging their friends in an ad! Nobody does that on a generic advertisement.  They do it when they have genuine interest in the topic.  You have to find the right people and say the right things to peak their interests. 

This is the comments section of the Facebook advertising campaign that I demonstrated in the video above. 

There’s a skillset needed to pull this off and I’ll discuss in more detail how to hone that skillset.

“Skill is only developed by
hours and hours and hours
of beating on your craft”

-Will Smith 

It’s good ol’ fashioned direct response marketing, advertising, and sales done very well.

Facebook marketing is like any other advertising. 

If you don’t capture attention, you lose.  Most marketing services just toss out a bunch of annoying, spammy looking stock photos that look just like every other advertisement that most of us block out of our vision by habit…it annoys us.



Example of our Local Home Service Facebook Marketing Campaign Results (small radius)

Facebook marketing service in Tampa, FL
Facebook marketing service in Tampa, FL: example of RSVP Advertising actual campaign results

Marketers have accepted that people just don’t engage with advertising.  I think that’s lazy.

The Winning Formula:

If you follow what I’m telling you in this article, you will stop people mid scroll and grab their attention.  

Then if you tickle an itch that you know the target audience already has, while you have their attention, you’ll pump the volume of that problem up in their minds for a limited amount of time. 

Then, from the emotion of slight interest you must take them to urgent action… pumping up the urgency of taking action now can be done by putting a limitation on the solution you’re offering to the problem you reminded them that they have.  

Then you want to make an offer they can’t refuse.  An absolute value stack that they would be foolish to scroll past while saying there’s a limit to the amount of solutions available.  

If you tell them what to do next, you guessed it, a lot of them will do it.  If you’ve included all the ingredients above in the right amounts, they’re putty in your hands…

the next thing you want to do is use your CRM software to integrate it with Facebook.  You can check Facebook Developer Marketing API’s  to see if your CRM connects to it.  If it does, you’re in luck, because Facebook connects to Zapier and now all you have to do to ensure that your leads go straight to you, your staff, front desk, or walk-in is make that software connection.

Next, you want to connect your email manager/CRM to facebook so you can drip emails on the leads to follow up with them and remind them to redeem the offer they claimed.  Remember, a ton of them will forget that they even have the offer if you don’t remind them several times. 

Write friendly reminders every day for at least 3 days.  Then you can slow it down to a weekly email drip.  If your CRM has a function to stop sending once they redeem an offer, that’s ideal. If you don’t have that functionality, just start adding a friendly note to ignore the reminder if they’ve already redeemed the offer but don’t stop communicating.  Remember to over-communicate, like your relationship with your lover 😉

No matter what they do with that offer, eventually you want to switch to sending them new offers on a regular basis.  A lot of them, whether they took you up on your first offer or not, will take another offer at some point down the road.  Most of our sales are done in the follow up emails and calls. 

Our current campaigns get…

  • Text alerts to your phone 
  • Email alerts to you + staff
  • Email follow up drips to your leads
  • Retargeting on Facebook and Google
  • 1000’s of VIDEO views by a very targeted audience, usually local high income homeowners.
  •  Dozens of  likes from real customers, follows, comments, shares, friend tags, and conversations.
  •  Yes, even boring pages like Air Conditioning Repair!
  • This is all done in the first customer interaction with your brand on Facebook

…on the first interaction!

 Social Media is…wait for it… SOCIAL!  The word “marketing” or “advertising” goes against every fiber of my being when I want to socialize with people… so we don’t do that in social media marketing and you shouldn’t either… 

I’m not going to nerd out on you and start talking about all of our software tools but let me just tell you that there are a ton of software flywheels tied together and years of experience in common business owner behavior to STOP the flow of customers from leaking out at any point.  It’s buttoned up.  Nothing is falling through the cracks.  

If you’re a local home service business or a restaurant you have totally different ways of dealing with your leads and we have all of the customer behaviors buttoned up.  Why? Because we’ve already gone through dropping that ball and we finally have it nailed down.

This is NOT your high school daughters facebook service.

Yeah but… does Facebook marketing actually work for MY type of business? 

I get it… I even said that many years ago… the answer is HELL YES. FACEBOOK MARKETING WORKS FOR ALL TYPES OF BUSINESS…

if you do it right… 

Below is a list of some of the businesses that we do an awesome job for, but by no means does it mean that if you’re not on this list that it won’t work for you.  This is a list of our highest performing categories out of our 2,500 current local business clients. 

This Ain’t Your Kindergarten Teachers
Targeting Methods:

Our past customers have reached:
7 million of the highest income homeowners in the U.S.
We’ve matched decades of data with facebook.
You CAN’T buy this kind of information.

Facebook targeting is very robust.  Although it can be inaccurate.  For example, I’ve targeted homeowners and gotten renters before. But the homeowners were also there so I’m not complaining.  

Top 20 Facebook Targeting Options To Consider: 

  • Upload past customer list, create a look-a-like list custom audience. 
  • Purchase targeting (purchasing renovations, new homeowner, zillow shoppers)
  • Life events: Birthdays, anniversaries, gift buying holidays
  • income range
  • Home Value
  • Geographic constraints
  • Kids in household
  • Interests (HGTV, Nascar, etc)
  • Married



That’s a short list to jog your memory.  The possibilities are endless.  The best thing to do is to sit down and write your customer avatar.  Your ideal customers profile. Name the person, Jill or John and say something like, “John likes to shop online, works on his own car, reads sports magazines, plays Madden Football on Xbox, has kids in elementary school and he’s married… do you see all the targeting options that just opened up rather than just “Homeowner”. 

  • Interests including magazines they read
  • people or associations they follow
  • Shows they might watch
  • Tools they use
  • homeownership
  • home value 
  • Location (25-50 mile radius)
  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Stores they shop
  • Other pages they may like
  • Charities they donate to
  • Target your competitors followers
  • When connected to Wifi only (data usage for video views)
  • Device specific (iOS)
  • Mobile only 
  • Desktop only

Top Categories That Work With Us:

Alternative Medicine

Junk Removal

Arborist / Tree service Landscape (Design / Installation / hardscape / stonescaping)

Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf

Laser care Attic Fans (seasonal)

Lasik Surgery

Awnings / Retractable Awnings

Lawn (Irrigation, fertilization)

Basement Waterproofing / Polylevel / Basement Finishing

Lighting (lamps, light fixtures, indoor, etc.)

Cabinet refinishing / refacing

Liquor Stores

Carpet, Tile, Grout,

Rug Cleaning

Maid Service

Chimney Repair / Cleaning Maintenance

Driveways (chip stone, seal coating)

Massage / Spa

Chiropractor / Spinal Decompression

Mobile Dent and Paint Touch up

Closets (reorganization, murphy beds)

Mold Remediation

Concrete (Stamped / Decorative / Borders / Leveling)

Mulch truck delivery / Installation (min. 10 yards)

Construction / additions / renovations / masonry

Outdoor Grill Cleaning

Cool sculpting / Laser Liposuction

Outdoor Kitchens Counter Tops (granite / stone / marble)

Outdoor Lighting /

Christmas Lighting

Decks / Patio / Screened Porches / Sunrooms Painters (Conventional & Rhinoshield)

Dentist Paver installation & Deck Coating

Dining / Restaurants

Pest Control (mosquito, termite, tick)

Dog Care

Phone / tablet repair

Egress Windows

Play It Again Sports

Entertainment – Ballet / Theatre / Festivals / Symphony Playsets (high end)

Fences Pools / Spas (install / maintenance)

Flooring (cleaning / refinishing)

Powerwashing Flooring (hardwood, carpet, tile, rugs)

Remodeling (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

Foundation repair (jacking-piers / crawl-space)

Roofing Garage (Cabinets & Floor coatings)

Plumbing / Septic

Garage Doors

Shower glass enclosures / doors (upgrade to Euro-style)

Garage Organization Siding Generators



Sport Court

Granite / stone / marble / tile

Tuxedo / Suit Shop (timed right – prom…)

Gutter Protection /


Vacuum Sales



High End Auto repair


High End Backyard Play Sets

Window / Door Replacement,

Repair HVAC / Ductless A/C (Mitsubishi or Fujitsu mini split systems)

Window Film Tinting (residential & auto)

Indoor / Outdoor / Patio furniture

Window Treatments / Coverings / Blinds / Shutters

Invisible Fence


Iron Doors & Gates

Water Systems

We do Facebook marketing by  following the Facebook Advertising Policies and getting massive attention that is relevant to your business then attach a call to action and sales follow up systems that makes the extremely hard jump across the chasm of social media and direct phone conversations 

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