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3 Email Templates To Get 5-Star Reviews

  • 1  Targeting 
  • 2 Lead Magnet
  • 3 Consistency

Why Do I Need Reviews? Trust. You want customers 
to feel like you’re the best option, locally…

 (Click Here To see the content of the email templates we use to solicit good reviews and catch bad reviews before they happen: Includes Content & Instructions)

How To Get A Dozen Reviews In Google
(local map section)?

Here are a few common ways to pull this off.

If You’re Not Attracting Leads, Chances Are, They Don’t Like What They See When They Find You.

Here Is What You Can Do About It.

This gives you the unfair advantage!

  • Pull your past clients and segment them by date and amount of sale.
  • Set up an email campaign: Ask them if they’re happy with you. Verbiage varies. Our clients range so we write accordingly ( patio contractor+landscape architect ) ( chiro+massage ) ( coffee shop+restaurant)
  • If they are very happy with your service, prompt them to leave that review publicly by giving them a link to your google business page.


  • If the are not very happy, I mean a 10 out of 10, don’t send them to a review site. Rectify the situation as quickly as possible by any means neccessary


  • Use an email series to follow up with them. Usually the review doesn’t happen the first time you ask. You can use our email templates by[infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_4] clicking here[/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]. We track the reviews of thousands of businesses and help boost their reputation to the highest spending consumers in their area. We know what they’re purchasing, and can predict what they’re in the market for, aligning your business with the big spender budget.
 Our company tracks the highest spending consumers in the nation. We track how much they spend and what they spend it on. Then we put irresistible offers for those products and services in front of them. Since we know they have disposable income, this works like a charm.
We market to the highest income homeowners and it works incredibly well, but you have to close the sales loop on the other end and having 
[infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_4 display=inline] 5-Star Reviews Does That![/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

This Is Currently Working For The Following Industries:

AC & Heating, Awnings, Kitchen/Bathroom Remodelers, Carpet Cleaning, Carpets & Rugs, Closets, Flooring, Garage Organizers, Garage Floors and Doors, General Contractor and Renovations, Kitchen Cabinets , Lasik Surgery, Maid Service, Painting Exterior and Interior, Patio and Decks, Pools and Spas, Health & Beauty, Massage Spas, Restaurant – Upscale Only, Roofing , Sunroom, Windows and Doors…

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* Packages include industry specific examples: Home Improvement, Dining, Entertainment, Retail, Healthy, Beauty, Professional Services.


We can help you set all of this up…  and implement a tight sales funnel, that gets you leads that you own.

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