Local General Contractor Lead Sources

Local General Contractor Lead Sources

When I first started paying to get leads for my home improvement  business, my mentor told me: “All marketing leads suck.” So naturally I asked him why we he does so much marketing. The point he began to make was that marketing is what makes his phone ring consistently and if you handle the leads the right way, you’ll make a good return on your marketing investment.

Business owners that have used marketing services unsuccessfully, tend to have a negative sentiment about advertising, yet the most successful companies are able to generate a good ROI from marketing and never a month goes by without a healthy amount of outgoing lead generation. Why?


At Leadscon in Las Vegas, most of the prominant lead generation services attend, and of the 3,500 attendees only about 50 were even involved in Home Improvement lead generation.

Why do so few companies offer

Home Improvement leads & almost no one specializes in it?

Home Improvement lead generation is way behind other industries. When compared to other industries such as Insurance or Education, Home
Improvement lags way behind.

The Home Improvement sector is a $300 billion industry in the United States and for the most part, no one in the industry has taken on the responsibility of really focusing on the problem of generating real homeowner leads.

So most contractors end up buying leads from a pay-per-lead service and sharing that lead with several competitors who all get the same lead at the same time.

What you want is a lead generation machine that generates leads that are homeowners in the process of doing home renovations. Leads that belong to you alone.

Most contractors struggle with this.

To quote the CEO of Bankrate.com, “no one has been able to crack the code or build a sizable business in the Home Improvement space“.

The reason for this is that most home improvement is done by local small business owners, rather than many large companies. In fact, there are two, Home Depot and Lowes. That means contractor lead generation is

Supporting innumerable local business owners is a huge task for a lead generation company so it just hasn’t happened yet.

About 80% of our clients here at RSVP Publications are in the Home Improvement industry and we have franchises set up nationwide in 80 major metropolitan areas. For this reason, we are poised to take on this

In fact, in much the same way that schools limit the ratio of students to teachers, we limit the amount of Home Improvement businesses to a lead generation expert (RSVP franchise owners).

We work directly with Home Improvement business owners to develop campaigns that generate real high-income homeonwer leads that belong exclusively to the business owner. The leads are not sold multiple times and when we develop your lead generation strategy, YOU own it, not us.

If you’d like to get started, get your free
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