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Hi, I’m Scott Rubel…a local business owner like you.
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Together we help over 2,500 local business owners grow per quarter.
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If You’re Not Attracting Leads That Buy Above-Average Orders Than This Can Change Your Life By Raising Your Average Sale Amount Without Breaking The Bank Or Spinning Your Wheels Running Around For Low Paying Customers.

This is currently working for the following industries:

AC & Heating, Awnings, Kitchen/Bathroom Remodelers, Carpet Cleaning, Carpets & Rugs, Closets, Flooring, Garage Organizers, Garage Floors and Doors, General Contractor and Renovations, Kitchen Cabinets , Lasik Surgery, Maid Service, Painting Exterior and Interior, Patio and Decks, Pools and Spas, Health & Beauty, Massage Spas, Restaurant – Upscale Only, Roofing , Sunroom, Windows and Doors…

“ I used An RSVP List And Broke $1 Million In Sales! ”

“ I used An RSVP List And Broke $1 Million In Sales! ”

Louver Shop

Get Your List Of 1000 Wealthy Homeowners For The Following Services:

1. Target Your Highest Spending Audience

Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet

Most small businesses are doing this part horribly wrong. They’re attempting to get new customers the exact same way as all of their competitors do, which means they’re in the business of outspending each other without an edge. Its a race to the bottom. The company that can spend the most, wins. You need an edge. An upsell that allows you to outspend them with ease that they cannot track and duplicate.


The following graph shows a way to avoid high costs per click from low quality leads by creating a lead magnet (more on this later) and putting it in front of your highest spending audience. In other words, your best customers are not thinking about the problem you solve enough to search it out, until you tickle the itch.


We have found that digital ads have no shelf life, they don’t sway our highest spending customers but contrary to popular belief, direct mail does. This graph shows that every time there is a mail drop, Pay Per Click traffic rises. Not only does it rise, but the customers that we are attracting with that mail drop are not typical, they are the highest spending consumers in the given niche. These customers are not of the same value as the customers coming from average online search. They buy the big ticket items.

To simplify this, we’ve created a campaign planner.  It’s an incredibly affordable shared media platform that gets your postcard costs down to less than 5¢ each (including printing, postage and design) if you want to break the cycle you’re stuck in, start planning your campaign now, it’s free.


…but hold on because you’re not done yet… this does not close your sales loop!  


This graph shows that every time there is a mail drop, Pay Per Click traffic rises. Not only does it rise, but the customers that are hitting it are not of the same value as the customers coming from average search.  These are our highest spending customers prompted to make a purchase with an expiring irresistible offer.


Since we know that they’re more inclined to buy the upsells, have disposable income and comfortably spend more than average, we mark these customers with several upsells making the lifetime value of that customer worth 10x our average customer.

This gives you the unfair advantage!

Where Do You Find Your Highest Spenders?

Here are a few common ways to pull this off.

  • Pull your past clients and segment them by amount of sale.
  • Joint Venture: Promote to that list for a complimentary business in
    exchange for the same.
    ( patio contractor+landscape architect ) ( chiro+massage ) ( coffee shop+restaurant )
  • Use a service like ours that does this for you at scale by clicking here. We track the highest spending consumers in all of our focused niches. We know what they’re purchasing, when and can predict what they’re in the market for, aligning your offer with their big spender budget.
 Our company tracks the highest spending consumers in the nation. We track how much they spend and what they spend it on. Then we put irresistible offers for those products and services in front of them. Since we know they have disposable income, this works like a charm.


we’ve been in this business for 30 years. We market to the highest income homeowners for our clients and it works incredibly well if they are closing the sales loop on the other end.

2. Run A Tight PPC Campaign

Once your lead magnet is in the hands of the big spenders it sends them to your offer page.  Not a big blown out front page of your website where they’re free to browse and get distracted.  This is an expiring promotion that you’re publicly running with a slight advantage to the big spenders…only the big spender have an exclusive claim code to make that offer irresistible.  This gets the big spender in the door where you’re going to work your wizardly magic trick in the next few steps…the upsells.

3. Up Sell Magic Special Sauce

(This immediately pays for this campaign)

This is where our top performing clients have the magic special sauce that seems to elude most others.  As soon as that ideal clientele hits the offer redemption page that you’re promoting and enters that code, they are immediately given the opportunity to add to their order.  We’ve found that with big spenders, the amount of people that take you up on this offer bump is much higher than the averages.

4. Re-Targeting

A retargeting campaign is essential.  This can be done online and offline.  Essentially, this is a follow up campaign.  Staying in front of the customers that looked at you once is the one thing that the fortune 500 companies do that most small businesses do not do well.


There are many forms of this from digital to traditional media.  Depending on your budget, you should be doing as many of them as you can.


A McCann study of 120 marketing agencies performances found that a multi platform approach outperformed a digital-only approach by 70%!


Be careful not to buy into the hype of the new shiny object, digital marketing.  I have seen a lot of money go into it and never come back out.  That isn’t to say you should not be doing it, you absolutely should, but don’t get blinded by it as though it is the only place your customers eyeballs are.


There is no shelf life in a digital ad.  It’s hardly seen and it cannot be saved.  So if the lead is not immediately captured with an email opt-in, the lead cannot come back later.


With a postcard for example, it can sit on a kitchen counter, refrigerator magnet, drawer, desk, etc. for quite some time and that holds a lot of value for a tree trimming service when they’re ready… or a restaurant, when date night comes back around. Digital references are good but honestly, if it’s not front of mind right now when you pick up your smartphone, it’s lost in an ocean of stuff.

The digital follow up re-targeting is done as follows:


Do a search for “remarketing pixel” (a snippet of code that you add to your web site, we can help you with this, if needed, call us) and you’ll find the most popular platforms that you should be using.


At a minimum, you should be using  Google Adwords, Facebook and Adroll.

This ensures that your customers that touch your website or offer page will continue to see your ads all over the internet for month to come.


That is the best form of digital retargeting.


However, let’s get human for a minute and consider the obvious factor about communication.

A real, person-to-person, verbal conversation is the point of all of this re-targeting so let’s get a bird’s-eye-view of a multi platform communication sales loop should look like:

  • Phone (real people conversation)
  • Email (still outperforms all digital advertising)
  • Direct Mail
  • Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Impression Online Re-Targeting Ads
  • Pay-Per-Click Facebook Targeting
  • Pay-Per-View Online Video (youtube) pre-roll video Re-Targeting


We can help you set all of this up if you wish… it is too deep to explain all of this in this single report but just know that to the degree that you’re not doing all of these and implementing a tight sales funnel, you are losing real money, leaking it right out from under you.

5. The Power Of Expiring One-Time-Offers

Your customers want what you have, otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked or looked at you in the first place.  We can safely assume that if they ever hit a point where you can make an offer that they want what you offer… but you usually have to amplify their desire to close a sale.  If your service is not an emergency call and answer (i.e. a flooded house with insurance), chances are, they’ll need some desire tantalization to part with their hard earned money, like my  year old does to me when he wants Pokemon cards at Toys R Us!


Creating urgency is in every offer… think about it.  Food sales: the hungrier you get, the more urgent it is to buy food now!


Every other sale works the same way… your refrigerator stops cooling, your food will be rotten by tomorrow, you must get a technician right now!


Still think there is no urgency to your type of business?


Wrong!  Every business has it.  Even if it’s a financial bribe that you only make once.


If someone is taking your offer, let’s say a free appetizer, and you know it’s an above-average income earner, they can spend a little bit of money.  So immediately, on the redemption pg you put a one time offer for a really good price on a bottle of wine that pairs nicely with that appetizer.  Once they’re at that point a large percentage will take that bottle of wine.  Now when they show up, it is your job to once again sell the other meals and menu items associated.  So the ‘FREE’ has a ton of value to it that you don’t realize, especially if you offer to the right audience.

6. The Margin Bump

This is a crucial element… the highest spenders in our economy are the top income earners.  That much should be obvious.  But how do you fill up your customer base with more of them?


The message you send, the quality of your customer service, the image you portray, all play a huge role in winning the confidence of the big spenders.


Regularly directing them to the same offers that you make to your audience will organically raise your margins because of the amount the tend to spend.

The Secret the “60-30-10 Rule”

60% Targeting – If you have a great list of the highest paying customers, start with that. If you do not have that, you can rent a list from list companies, you can use our list, or joint venture with a complimentary service such as a Sunroom installer and Awning Installer or Patio contractor teaming with a Landscape Architect. You can share lists to trade referrals.


Our company also can help you, we have a list of the highest paying consumers with a history of repeat purchasing, proven ability to spend above average on home improvement services. We do this for for the industry’s you see above and it works very well.


30% Incentive – If you’re targeting the highest paying clientele, you know they are most likely to buy your upsell so you need to make an offer that passes the sway-test.


Google recent incentive ($100 Gift Card)

Uber Recent Incentive ($20 Free Toward 1st Ride)

Financial Advisor Incentive ($99 Restaurant Gift Card)
For Showing Up To Luncheon

Showing Up To Luncheon

10% Image – Grab Attention. Be Obvious. Don’t Make Them Think. We measure milliseconds on this. If you want to use our designer, message us and we’ll have her design this for you.

Hope That helps!


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“Acoma Roofing Inc. has been using RSVP mailers since 2011. RSVP notifies us when the cards are mailed, but we don’t really need them to do that, the phone calls are notification enough. We receive an email once a day to show all calls coming from the RSVP tracking number. This is the best ROI advertising product we use.

Santis Squitiro, President : Acoma Roofing Inc. : Oldsmar, FL

How did Acoma Roofing get 751 calls?

Acoma Roofing used RSVP luxury card decks in a campaign to target 80,000 of the highest valued homes in the Tampa metro region

The postcard was sent to owner-occupied homes, a very specific audience made up of professionals, business owners, families and high-net-worth individuals

The RSVP-crafted design spoke clearly to this audience; response was overwhelming

The results: a steady stream of calls, from 751 consumers

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