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Restaurant marketing pro’s know that RSVP Consumers are frequent diners
at casual and upscale restaurants:


Dine at a casual restaurant 3-4 times or more in a month


Dine at an upscale restaurant 1-2 times per month


Dine at a fast casual place 3-4 times or more in a month

See Why Thousands Of Restaurants Trust RSVP:

This is how Top restaurants guarantee high end clientele on a regular basis.

RSVP Restaurant Marketing For TR Fire Grill

TR Fire Grill
“Our check averages from the RSVP guests are higher than other guests.” 


“The quality of the RSVP guests is great; the higher-end consumers are the ones we were hoping to reach. We’ve found our check averages from the RSVP guests are higher than other guests. “Cost wise we get a good ‘bang for our buck,’ and customer service is very strong.


Hannah Ulm
Brand Communications Manager
Romacorp, Inc. / TR Fire Grill
Orlando, FL

RSVP Restaurant Marketing For Port City Chophouse

Port City Chop House
“People continue to bring in the postcard.” 


“The Chop House has been using RSVP since 2005. We like that we can measure our investment as people bring in the postcard to redeem. 


Christa Hahn, Marketing Director
TBL Investments

Port City Chop House – Wilmington, NC

Restaurant Marketing - Salute Market

Salute Market
We track our results, and the ROI is there!” 


I have been using RSVP for my clients for years, recently opened our own restaurant and was so happy when it [RSVP] came to our market!  Such a great marketing program that has proven results.  You see the cards start to come back the week they hit the mailboxes!  We track our results, and the ROI is there!  


Michelle Lefkowitz

Owner/Marketing Director
restaurant-marketing-loyalty grey text

RSVP Loyalty Program

After the 3rd visit, there’s a 70% chance of becoming a loyal customer
– Jon Taffer (Hit TV Show “Bar Rescue)
“Reach thousands of high net worth frequent diners in your area with 1 ad that can be used 10 times to bring customers back for multiple redemptions…all for pennies per diner.” 


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RSVP Restaurant Marketing For Melting Pot

Melting Pot
RSVP is a moneymaker for us.”


“The Melting Pot of Columbia and Greenville have been advertising with RSVP since 2005. “It reaches the right demographic. Our customers look forward to getting our offers; the postcard is an effective reminder that we’re still here. “I’ve done the math, and the ROI is good. RSVP is a moneymaker for us. It works and it’s definitely worth it.”


Jay Kilmartin, Owner
The Melting Pot
Columbia and Greenville, SC

RSVP Restaurant Marketing For Capital City Chop House

Capital City Chop House
We love that you can actually see the return on investment.” 


“The value that RSVP brings is amazing compared to other media prices and we love that you can actually see the return on investment as our guests bring in the offer. 


Capital City Chop House – Morrisville (Raleigh), NC

Chop House At Mendenhall
I know this really works.” 


“I’ve recommended RSVP to other businesses because it’s something I know I can stand behind. I’m confident in it because I’m dealing with several marketing medias and I know that this really works.”

Chop House at Mendenhall – High Point, NC

Armanis-restaurant-marketing RSVP

Armani’s & OysterCatchers
At Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
“We have done several other marketing tactics such as restaurant.com, Groupon, etc, but RSVP has statistically proven itself above others with amazing results. It captured an upscale market that spend more than any other guest joining us.” 


“Both our restaurant here at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay have been working with RSVP for over 2 years now and have had tremendous success with this promotion… It has captured an upscale market that tends to spend more than any other guest joining us with a coupon…we look forward to a continued business partnership for years to come. 


Marc Vaccaro
Assistant Food & Beverage Director
Grand Hyatt,
Tampa, FL

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