Where Does Google
Advertise Themselves?

The Most Successful Advertisers & Their Best Ads


So I asked Google,

“What is Google’s actual marketing mix?”

I’m laughing my arse off about this…

Try Googling Google’s actual sales process

Search results: About 0.00 results (0.82 seconds)

….man, I wish Google would say,

“Do as I do, not as I say…” lol.

Not what they sell you, but what they do.

Are they using



googles ad on facebook

Are they using Direct Mail?


google direct mail

Are they using Search Engine Marketing (lol)?


googles marketing mix

Are they using Youtube Instream Ads (lol)?

…of course…

google ad on youtube

Question: Are They Doing It Right?

Enter The SEO &
PPC Blind Spot :

What would you do if you knew that potential customers were not searching for you?

You can’t SEO your way around this one…


  • 615 Million Devices Use Ad Blockers
  • Ideal Customers Aren’t Always Searching For You Online
  • Out of “site” Out Of Mind
  • SEO & PPC Can’t Solve This

Here’s a breakdown of one
Google direct mail ad and why it works…

google direct mail

Points of Interest…

Targeting new businesses

Simple message


Their message is perfectly aligned with their target audience.

The message is extremely simple and digestible at a glance.

It's location specific to the recipients neighborhood. In our case, Wesley Chapel.

They begin to indoctrinate the reader by educating them into their sales funnel.

Great offer + deadline

Incentivizing the prospect with a sense of urgency has always been a time tested and proven marketing tactic as Google is reinforcing here.

Educates the prospect into their funnel…

Most small business owners might assume advertising on google is too complicated and just don’t have the time to look into it. So, at a glance, the prospect gets the idea that it is simple to set up and even has a phone number to call in. It’s extremely non-technical and they have a great motivating reason to take a look before the offer expires, they might get a customer for free…

Why Did Google Choose Direct Mail?

The graph below illustrates a consistent 20% increase in Pay-Per-Click lead generation (the blue line) while direct mail is in circulation (the gold bars).


Combining the two is a solid and affordable multi-channel solution that reaches those prospects that are not currently searching for you online. It pushes them online to search.

What To Do About It

Use a multi-channel marketing strategy with extremely targeted direct mail
Our solution to this challenge is a shared cost, peer funded cooperative mail piece that targets precisely that audience that you miss with your pure digital marketing efforts.

To find out more about how we can help you reach the biggest spending engine in the US.


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